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This is a love story. A story in which a man and a woman fall in love…with a city. But not just any city. The City. We’re often asked what it is, exactly, that engenders such extreme devotion. We might tell you that it represents the best and worst, the heart and bowels, the unvarnished truth about humanity every minute of every hour of every day, and that there is something beautiful and ugly, exhilarating and stifling, about it all at the same time. But that description, honest as it is, falls short. We cannot simply tell you. We must do our best to show you, and that’s precisely what we’ve set out to do here.

Of course, even the most fervent devotee will suffer moments of fatigue. And so, in addition to our adventures in this magnificent “backyard”, we are eager to share with our readers our other passion: that booster shot of rejuvenation we call travel. Because every weary city dweller needs those occasional Escapes from New York City.


-Lynn & Justin

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14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello! I just wanted to say thank-you so much for liking the post on my blog today. I am a newcomer to this whole blogging thing, so I greatly appreciate the notice! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and so unique, and I cannot wait to actually go to these wonderful places you tell us about. Again, thanks so much!!

    1. Hey Louise! That’s really kind of you to say about our little corner over here! 🙂 We’re also fairly new to blogging and it still feels like we’re trying to find our sea legs sometimes, but we’ve enjoyed support from others and would be happy to extend the same. Please reach out if we can be of assistance and we’ll look forward to hearing more from you!

  2. Hey guys,
    Just found your blog. Very interesting. Have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Subscribed so now I’ll be able to stay up to speed with what you all have going on! Thanks

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