Kyoto Travel Guide: What to See and Where to Eat – Part Two

In case you missed it, I kicked off Part One of our Kyoto travel guide here.  Kyoto’s a really fun place to visit, especially in the fall.  Picking up where I left off, here are some of my other must-see destinations:


Arashiyama has several worthy attractions, but it’s located away from central Kyoto.  It was actually easiest for us to hop on a bus, though the train might be a more convenient option for others.  Since it was further out, we made sure to get an early start.  We dropped by the Arashiyama train station to check out the Kimono Forest (which is accessible all the time so you’re not limited by opening hours) then we headed to the Iwatayama Monkey Park.  

Kyoto Travel Guide - Mad Hatters NYC Blog
The Kimono Forest features multiple 6.5-foot pillars wrapped with Kyoto Yuzen kimono fabrics

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Kyoto Travel Guide: What to See and Where to Eat – Part One

Travel seems to be a universal love.  Exploring other locales and cultures is inarguably intoxicating.  But it’s not a universal pursuit.  Many people find themselves restricted by time, money and responsibilities, in any number of combinations.  I started traveling while I was in college, and it often required sacrifices in time and comfort to accommodate a minuscule budget.  To see as much of the world as I could, I sat through timeshare presentations and slept on trains.  And my adventures in lodging have included a middle-of-the-night flooding and relocation to a different hotel (and I confess to using this term rather liberally here).

But the challenges pale in comparison to the experiences and the memories.  So despite such calamities as missed connections and lost luggage, I book the next flight and carry on.  Justin and I have eased up on our travel schedule recently because our 17-year-old cat, Chloe, can no longer be left unsupervised.  But with our families being dispersed all over the map, we still find the need to travel, though we now take turns so that someone is home with Chloe at all times.  My recent turn with the compass came in the form of a family trip to Kyoto.

I’ve always been an obsessive planner when it comes to travel, although the tools have improved vastly from my early days.  My friends and I used to lug around heavy guide books and giant maps, and today all we need is a smartphone and a good data connection.  (In that regard, I can’t recommend Project Fi for eligible Android users enough — my access in Japan was seamless.  And no data roaming charges!)  We started with Google Maps, where my brother created a personalized map, threw on all the points of interest in Kyoto then shared it with the family.  I then started a Google Sheet (Google’s version of Excel), also shared it with everyone, and started plotting out our itinerary using the map as a tool to determine which landmarks were within close proximity of each other.  

Kyoto Travel Guide - Mad Hatters NYC

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