The Best 2019 Bushwick Collective Murals and Where to Find Them

When we started this blog, it was a rather impulsive decision. We thought it would be a fun way to catalog our memories, while sharing the things we love about New York City. It’s our third year covering the incredible murals at the Bushwick Collective, but it’s the first time we felt a tangible passing of time. Like pencil marks on a door jamb, our blog posts have become gentle reminders of years gone by. So how did this year compare to the rest?

Here’s the bad news: 2019 was kind of disappointing. Many of the murals from our prior visits had been tagged over. And for some reason, the available walls–begging for fresh paint–had not been assigned to new artists. But here’s the good news: there were still many cool murals and graffiti artists to discover. Here’s a roundup of our favorites, along with a map of where to find them.

The Bushwick Collective Block Party is a party with a capital P. The live performances take place at Troutman St and Scott Ave, and the walls directly around the performance space are prime real estate. Let’s start there.

Deconstructed Biggie by Ruben Ubiera

Mural of Biggie Smalls in shades of grey and yellow at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Ruben Ubiera, who uses the tag @urbanruben on his murals, was born in the Dominican Republic. He credits his move to the Bronx at the age of fifteen with exposing him to the world of graffiti. It’s been an influence on his work ever since, whether he’s working on murals or mixed-media pieces. Last year’s pitbull piece was one of the season’s biggest hits, but this year Ubiera took on a much beloved subject already well represented in Bushwick: Biggie Smalls. But this version, called Deconstructed Biggie, is unlike any other. With surgical precision, Ubiera sliced the rapper into little pieces. Using a black & white palette with yellow accents, Ubiera took a classic image and created something completely fresh.

Urban Flora by Natasha May Platt

Mural of pink and orange flowers against a deep green background at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Natasha May Platt has been gracing New York City with her colorful blooms for a while. She’s done a number of large-scale works, but one of her most popular projects is her wall for retailer Yumi Kim in the Lower East Side. Instagrammed by countless fashion influencers, the floral designs change with each season but her @surfaceofbeauty tag remains a permanent feature. Unlike many of the other street artists represented at the Bushwick Collective, Platt paints with a brush. She does it freehand, and oftentimes without even a sketch. Her pink flowers against the deep green background are sure to bring the Instagrammers out in droves.

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Mural of a neon  dripping heart with flowers inside at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Adam Fujita is an established street artist who’s known for his provocative messages in neon lettering, and his collaboration with Platt from earlier this year was a match made in heaven. Fu’s glowing heart encapsulates her blooms perfectly. It was one of our favorite 2019 Bushwick Collective murals. (@adamfu and @surfaceofbeauty also paired up for some epic pieces in Downtown LA for the Good Trouble television series.)

Big Ears by Sipros Naberezny

Mural of kid with big ears in a claw machine filled with donuts at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

There are many artists with distinctive styles, but we challenge you to find anyone whose signature is…big ears. But thanks to that unique signature, anyone who’s ever seen a @sipros_sipros mural will instantly be able to recall it. The Brazilian artist has been a Bushwick Collective mainstay (and one of our favorites!) for years, and he’s back this year with a big-eared child gleefully trapped inside a claw machine. Because it’s filled with…donuts. We, and Homer Simpson, approve.

Kid Eating Potato Chip by Rosk and Loste

Mural of a kid eating a potato chip at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

On the opposite side of Troutman St, the portrait of a child eating a potato chip is so incredibly flawless that it’s impossible to imagine it was spray painted in a matter of days. From the nuanced light bouncing off the skin to the full head of hair, each detail is impeccable. The Italian duo of Rosk and Loste were new to us, but it didn’t surprise us to learn that they received formal training from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. We quickly fell in love with the lifelike portraits we found on their @roskloste profile.

Pieter by Michel Velt

Man walking past a large mural portrait and graffiti that reads "Where is the real NYC?" at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

When it comes to portraits, a name that street art enthusiasts instantly recognize is Michel Velt. Velt hails from the Netherlands, but his stunning portraits show up in Barcelona, Yogyakarta, and many other cities around the world. @michelvelt portraits often feature real people, and his models are typically named.

We’ve captured several of his murals over the years, including the recurring ones for Bushwick Collective. In fact, we liked his 2017 portrait of dancer Elisha so much that we used it as the feature photo in our post. We also featured it on our Instagram feed and it ended up being one of our most widely reshared posts. This year’s portrait is that of Pieter, who Velt met three years ago at a small commune in Groningen.

My Body My Choice by Lexi Bella

Mural of a pink-haired woman raising a middle finger tattooed with "My Body My Choice" at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Street art is a form of personal expression, and Brooklyn-based Lexi Bella’s message couldn’t be more loud and clear. Addressing the explosive issue of the right to legal abortion, the mural is a departure from her usual pop culture subjects. (She was behind the Cardi B Mona Lisa mural last year). A tattoo on the middle finger reads “My Body My Choice” while the nail art features a crossed-out wire hanger, the symbol widely used by the pro-choice movement. When addressing the piece on @lexibellaart, the artist issues a call to arms to defend women’s reproductive rights.

Boug the Bulldog by Patrick Kane McGregor

Mural of a bulldog lying down with an insect on its face at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Animals are often the subjects of beloved murals, and the one by Patrick Kane McGregor is no exception. The Denver artist favors using dogs in his murals, so much so that he uses the term “walldogging” to describe his craft. He’s featured many breeds, but his bulldog Boug is his favorite model by far. Boug passed along several years ago, and McGregor continues to memorialize his pooch through his art. You can find photos of Boug if you scroll far enough back on @patrickkanemcgregor’s feed.

New discoveries

Besides these great pieces we stumbled upon a few new favorites:

Mural of an eye at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

There was a street fair setting up along Jefferson on the day we were out in Bushwick, but the eye mural by Cody James still managed to cut through the noise. James uses the tag @johnnyflid.

Mural of some cartoon creatures at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

And we were completely enamored by the odd creatures created by Ian Cinco. He’s in another universe, and we want to be part of it. We ran into him while he was working on another piece, check it out at @ian_cinco.

Let’s wrap it up

So head out to Bushwick. Stroll around. There is literally street art everywhere.

Street pole covered in stickers and felt patches at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Maybe strike a pose or two.

Man standing in front of a mural with the I Heart NY symbol above him at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Girl standing in front of a geometric black and white mural at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Every time we visit the Bushwick Collective, we take away something new. And we leave a piece of us behind.

Collection of stickers including a yellow Mad Hatters NYC Dotcom sticker at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

– L. & J.

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    1. We completely understand, Stefan. There’s so much vying for one’s attention in New York City, there just never seems to be enough time. That’s why many, many return trips are necessary 😉 Thank you so much for reading!

  1. Wow so creative , innovative ,colorful and can only imagine how much effort must have gone into their making. They are all unique in their own way .It’s awesome showcasing them through your post and sharing it . Great art work!

    1. I totally agree, Nisha! These large-scale murals really are in a category of their own, I’m always amazed by what the artists are able to achieve. Especially considering most of them are completed in a matter of days! It’s truly inspiring 🙂

  2. Lynn, that embroidered skirt! It is gorgeous and you add to the wall in the best way possible. 🙂 Now your feature on the various murals, thank you for being my eyes in the city. Such fabulous pieces of art. I have always wondered at the patience of artists who can achieve works of such magnitude in the midst of NYC’s busy thoroughfares. Doffing my hat to this talented lot. xx

    1. You’re too kind, Dippy! 🙂 I have to say, it’s really been interesting following the crop of street artists and watching the genre change over the years. The identities are no longer hidden–in fact, many are now celebrities in their own right. I think street art has the power to change city landscapes and I’m glad the artists are finally getting their due. Thanks for reading, love!

  3. Wow, amazing photos!! Really enjoyed your selections from the Bushwick Collective this year, the pieces you choose are always wonderful. Especially loving the Rosk and Loste and the in-your-face Lexi Bella 🙂 Hope I get a chance to see some of these IRL!

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia! Even if those aren’t there anymore, I’m sure they’ll be replaced with some pretty incredible pieces 🙂 Bushwick Collective is the gift that keeps on giving!

  4. Comprehensive coverage.
    I liked knowing the detail about painting with a brush.
    And as always your photographers are great.

    1. You’re too kind, Tara! It was definitely a fun way to spend a quiet morning. We really do admire the incredible talent these artists have. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. Hi Jason! Yes, I totally agree, you should definitely make your way back to NYC soon 😉 We’ve seen the level of talent grow exponentially in street art, and it’s really been quite a fascinating journey. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  5. Such a great work by the guys there, the wall paintings are just amazing. I have seen many wall paintings but never saw art work which looks so real. Thanks for making this treat for our eyes. Cheers!!!

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