Large bold graphic wall mural at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

More Rainbow Chasing: 2018 Street Art Photos from The Bushwick Collective

For the past couple years, we’ve found ourselves in Brooklyn in early June, just as the summer has begun in earnest. It’s no coincidence that it happens to be around the time of The Bushwick Collective’s Annual Block Party. Last year’s post kicked off our summer series on street art because The Bushwick Collective is still one of our favorite street art destinations in New York City. In last year’s post, we suggested that if our readers were more interested in art than a rowdy party atmosphere they should avoid visiting the area until shortly after the day of the event. And as it happens, we ended up taking that advice ourselves.

We showed up the day after this year’s festivities, wandering the eerily quiet, relatively empty streets in the early hours of the morning. Gone were the artists, the crowds, the live music, and the food vendors. Even the leftover garbage had been pretty well cleaned up by that hour. We walked leisurely and unmolested through the streets enjoying the new murals, taking our time, and snapping pictures completely unobstructed. Even the weather seemed to be on our side. The forecast had called for a coin flip chance of showers, but we ended up only having to tolerate an intermittent drizzle.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite new pieces from The Bushwick Collective:

Mural of a dog wearing headphones, sunglasses and a Brooklyn tag around its neck at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Artist: Ruben Ubiera. Instagram: @urbanruben
Mural of Cardi B as Mona Lisa at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Artist: Lexi Bella. Instagram: @lexibellaart

Lexi Bella is a New York City-based street artist with a distinctly feminist flavor. She calls this piece ShmonaLisa, which is based on a photoshopped mashup of a Rolling Stone photograph of Cardi B and DaVinci’s Mona Lisa.

Mural of a woman's face made up of a collage of different prints at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Artist: Cabaio Spirito. Instagram: @cabaiospirito
Mural of eyes peeking through a colorful graphic design at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Artist: Isabelle Ewing. Instagram: @findizzcreate
Many of these murals have been painted over, but most of our favorite artists are back with fresh pieces. Here are the best 2019 Bushwick Collective murals, along with a map of where to find them!
Mural of white and pink figures at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Artist: Keya Tama. Instagram: @keyatama

Keya Tama is a South African artist based in Los Angeles who has been producing murals and participating in exhibitions around the world from the tender age of thirteen. He is the son of celebrated street artist Faith 47 and influential tattoo artist Tyler B. Murphy. His illustrations are “tattooed” with symbols from both ancient and new cultures.

Mural depicting a woman looking away to the right at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Artist: Michel Velt. Instagram: @michelvelt

And here are a few untagged pieces that creatively make the most of their space:

Mural of an anteater with incorporating a pipe as its trunk at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Mural depicting a man in a wheelchair incorporating fire hose outlets as eyes at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

A tree designed into a brick wall using texture at The Bushwick Collective via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

If you’d like to check out our pics from last year’s visit or learn more about The Bushwick Collective, pop over and read our prior post. (It has a couple more food pairing options too!)

So tell us, which one was your favorite? 

Troutman St at St Nicholas Ave

If you’re looking for additional street art galleries in New York City, be sure to check out our definitive guide of 11 Exciting Places to Find the Best Street Art in NYC.

Pair it with:

A meal at BK Jani

Interior of BK Jani restaurant with colorful painted wall and overhead string lights in Bushwick, Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Colorful mural on the interior wall of BK Jani restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

A plate of lamb chops from BK Jani restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

After an art-filled day of walking around Bushwick, we thought: why not follow it up with art on a plate? At the southwest corner of Maria Hernandez Park–just a short stretch from all those amazing murals–is the original location of BK Jani, home to the Midas of Meat. The New York Times coined the phrase after sampling the offerings here, which are reminiscent of the street foods of Lahore. It’s where you go when you have a taste for some barbecue that challenges your tastebuds. You’ll find incredibly tender, deceptively spicy New Zealand lamb chops, expertly grilled, juicy and tender chicken, and sizeable, sturdy Black Angus beef burgers. Add to that the painted handmade picnic benches and the muraled walls painted by local street artists, and you have the perfect meal at the perfect place at the end of a perfect day.

276 Knickerbocker Ave

Tues 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Wed-Sun 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Closed Monday

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A Pinterest pin of a street art mural depicting a pitbull wearing a Brooklyn dog collar, turquoise sunglasses where windows are, and stereo headphones where air conditioning units are with the description Bushwick Collective A Celebration of Street Art in NYC

– L. & J.

13 thoughts on “More Rainbow Chasing: 2018 Street Art Photos from The Bushwick Collective”

  1. You guys are so much fun, always with great finds and suggestions. I need to get to Bushwick to see this. Your photos are great.

  2. Ack! So hard to choose a favorite, with so many wonderful pieces to pick from. I love the dog, so clever how the windows have been incorporated into the artwork. But the superhero girl is wonderful. We need images of girls being heroes! I’m very fond of how the downspout was utilized to create the elephant (it IS an elephant, I think)! Love Lexi Bella as well. AND I like the Isabelle Ewing. In short, asking me to pick a favorite is totally useless. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

    1. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for the love. And we can’t pick a favorite either. There’s just too much talent. I do love the pitbull with windows and air conditioner units incorporated. As for the downspout, that’s supposed to be an anteater!!!!

  3. I went yesterday and I loved how quiet it was! I think that’s how I will continue to enjoy the Bushwick Collective. There were so many tourists that I struck up conversations with, so it was definitely a better experience than the previous year’s. Although I missed a couple of the tiny pieces that you caught.

    1. Hi Trudy. Agreed. I think showing up the day after the block party is how we will carry on going forward as well. It’s just a different vibe and the focus is much more on appreciating the art.

    1. Thank you! And I absolutely agree. I particularly love murals that are created specifically with the idea of bringing color to otherwise drab urban environments.

  4. Lexi Bella work is so vibrant and eye catching!
    Isabelle Ewing and first untagged image are ones that I’d never get tired of looking at!!

    1. Hey Tara! We feel the same. In fact, I’m sure we’ll pop over to Brooklyn at some point again for a second round. This time we were focused on taking pics, next time will be just for fun. If you are out that way, make sure to reach out, and we’ll recommend a great veggie burger for you to dig into after you’ve had your fill of art. It’s out of the way in relation to Bushwick but totally worth the extra travel time.

      1. Ha ha! Will do. Anything for food.
        Btw- I wanted to comment on your latest post on Palka, but I am unable to. Yiasemi looks delightful and all those steps and yellow and white buildings

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