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Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival

“I don’t think there is a life in the mundane 9-to-5 hypocrisy. That’s not living. That’s just part of the Matrix. And drag is punk rock, because it is not part of the Matrix. It is not following any rules of societal standards. Boy, girl, black, white, Catholic, Jew, Muslim. It’s none of that. We shape-shift. We can do whatever we want.” – RuPaul

While we’d like to encourage you to be happy with who you are, we’d also like to embolden you to be anyone you want to be. That may involve introspection and ambition, or it may simply involve putting on a costume when the occasion allows it. There’s a boldness to the business of getting dressed up and standing in the spotlight. Some New Yorkers get up and do it every day, while others wait for an instance like the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival to get their shape-shift on.

At the Parade and Festival on Sunday, some outfits were literal (think Easter baskets, eggs and rabbits), while others were more abstract (matching stripes and polka dots with paper umbrellas and pointy hats — still thinking on that one). Some were simple (colorful chapeaus) and others elaborate (handmade head-to-toe costumes).  The colorfully-attired participants came together on Fifth Avenue, where the dramatic Neo-Gothic exterior of St. Patrick’s Cathedral provided the perfect backdrop for their unofficial parade.  They graciously posed for pictures for, and with, admirers from far and wide. I’m sure Southern hospitality has its charms, but when New York City plays host, you can be sure you’ll get a show.

Easter Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalEaster Parade Bonnet FestivalLocation:
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Paired it with:

Something sweet at Neuhaus

Neuhaus NYCNeuhaus NYCNeuhaus NYC

Just around the corner on Madison Avenue, you’ll find the Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus’s flagship store.  There is no shortage of chocolates to fill your Easter basket with here, but you’ll also find an ice cream and hot chocolate station to indulge all your chocolate factory fantasies.  With two chocolate faucets running (one for milk and one for dark, of course), it’ll take every ounce of willpower not to stick your tongue under one of them.  Shop from their Easter collection, put together your own chocolate selection, or indulge in chocolate-drizzled ice cream.  The choices are endless, just like the supply of chocolate coming out of those faucets.

500 Madison Avenue

Monday through Friday 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

– L.

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