Sisterhood of the Traveling Storytellers: An Introduction to New York City Bloggers

There is a Confucius quote that says:

 “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.”  

Shortly after we started blogging we realized what we didn’t know could fill an ocean.  It’s been a journey, one we explored more thoroughly in our year-end review after our first full year of blogging.  But we’ve received a lot of help and inspiration along the way, and no small part of that has come from other New York City bloggers that we’ve been fortunate to become acquainted with.  

NYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC Blog
This is what we were going for…
NYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Nailed it, amirite? 🙂  From L-R: Lynn and Justin (that’s us!), Jess of Used York City, Becca of Tea with B, Mary Lane of New York Cliche, Mary of Mary in Manhattan, Trudy of Rendezvous in New York

We recently had the opportunity to finally put faces to blog names, and get to know some of our peers.  We were happy to discover that they are as effervescent in person as their blogs are, and we thought we’d introduce them to our readers the best way we know how: by comparing them to food.

New York Cliche = Mozzarella Pizza from Joe’s Pizza

NYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogNYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogMary Lane is the blogger behind New York Cliche.  She takes all the typical trappings of life in the big city and puts her fun spin on it.  Like Joe’s Pizza, it’s a cliche, yes, but it’s also classic.  It’s a seasoned favorite that stands the test of time.

Mary in Manhattan = French Fries from Pommes Frites

NYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogNYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogMary is the blogger behind Mary in Manhattan, and she’s every budget-conscious New Yorker’s BFF.  Like Pommes Frites, she proves that enjoying life in the city doesn’t require a platinum card, just a ton of creativity.  Stay in your comfort zone and dip your fries in Barbecue sauce.  Or explore the exotic and dip your fries in Pomegrenate Teriyaki Mayo.

Used York City = Chicken Matzo Ball Soup from Mile End Deli

NYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogNYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogJess is the mastermind behind Used York City, a site that features the work of several New York City writers as well as her own.  Like the Chicken Matzo Ball Soup at Mile End Deli, Used York City is practical without being mundane. It’s a familiar resource you’ll turn to on a regular basis.

Rendezvous en New York = Ice Cream from Ample Hills Creamery

NYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogNYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogTrudy is the blogger behind Rendezvous en New York.  Like Ample Hills, Trudy is a mix master, covering a variety of topics on her blog.  Ample Hills throws together marshmallow and rice krispies, or Ritz crackers, potato chips, pretzels and mini M&Ms.  Trudy throws out posts on food, art and local sights.  It’s an eclectic amalgamation of the things she loves. 

Tea with B = Specialty Croissants from Union Fare

NYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogNYC Bloggers Introduction - Mad Hatters NYC BlogBecca is the blogger behind Tea with B, which is a blog with a slightly misleading name.  Although Becca does indeed cover tea, her blog also includes beauty, food and a host of lifestyle topics.  Like Union Fare’s specialty croissants, which include flavors like Fruity Pebbles, Matcha and Birthday Cake, Becca offers multiple on-trend flavors to suit any palate.  

And although she couldn’t make brunch, we wanted to also mention Julianne of It’s Five Here.  Hers is a fun blog that covers the bar scene in New York City as well as travels around the world.

If you’re like us, you’ve consumed, and will continue to consume these blogs (and their food equivalents!), on a regular basis.  If you’re a New York City blogger interested in attending the next meet-up, please reach out to us:
Or on social media: FB, G+, Instagram, Twitter (yes, we just started on Twitter, come and say hi!)


– L. & J.

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3 years ago

I LOVE THIS. THE FOOD COMPARISON WAS SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA!! And I think you were spot on. Gosh, we are so delicious. You guys would be the foie-gras stuffed kobe burger with chocolate BBQ sauce from Takashi because you’re new, cool, classy and have layers of fun ideas up your sleeves!

Jess @UsedYorkCity
3 years ago

Ohhhh love your food comparisons, ahhhmmmazzinnnggg! I could really go for a warm bowl of soup on this blustery spring day…

Haha can’t wait until our next meetup! Xo!

3 years ago

This is so cool! Such a great idea 🙂 Looking forward to attending the next one!

3 years ago

Thank you so much for my comparison, I could really go for some ice cream! It was such a pleasure!

3 years ago

This may be one of my all-time favorite blog posts. Thanks for the shout out and hope to see y’all in July!! 🙂