Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review

The Mad Hatters NYC Blog: Year Two in Review

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that most blogs don’t make it past the first year, and as our second year of blogging comes to a close, it surprises us even less. Blogging is not for the faint of heart. Continuing to create content you can be proud of is an ongoing challenge. But there’s a Chinese saying that goes “The journey is the reward”, and that rang true for us this year. The road wasn’t smooth, and there were some high peaks and low valleys. The one thing we’ve learned from blogging is that we still have so much more to learn. So let’s talk about Year Two.

Wins and losses

Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review

We made some changes to the blog this year, starting with the frequency of our posts. Part way through the year, we made a decision to do fewer, better posts. Our full-time jobs only allowed us to find balance delivering one post a week. We shifted some of the time we spent on crafting posts to engaging on social media. We joined Twitter, and we started doing weekend roundups on Instagram Stories. It gave us a way to engage in real time, with more robust posts following later.

But let’s talk about social media. It’s quite easily the thing we struggle with the most, and we’re sure we’re not alone. Social media is rife with comments that can seem hollow at best and deceitful at worst. There is endless self-promotion and exploitation. We’ve seen accounts resort to posting comments like “I’m a real person, don’t use me to gain followers” in their bio. And we get it. It can be disheartening. But while it might be tempting to write the whole thing off, we’ve also connected with so many amazing people. We’ve reached out on social media and received amazing ideas and recommendations. We’ve read comments that made us laugh and cry. By focusing on quality and not quantity, we found a positive, supportive group.

We’ve also learned to collaborate better. While there are still posts that we write individually, we’ve worked on all of them as a team. We have very different styles, but we think we’re starting to find a voice that represents both of us. Here are some of our favorite posts from this year:

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Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review
You might have noticed that we introduced more travel content into our blog this year. The change is somewhat bittersweet, since our increased travel is a direct result of losing our cat Chloe in March. Travel has always been a great passion of ours, and it provided the perfect distraction to help us cope with our loss. But one of our goals in the year ahead is to maximize our time off by taking more short trips, and we’re hoping that you’ll continue to join us for our adventures in New York City as well as our escapes from it.

And while we’re here, let’s talk about partnerships. As frequent blog readers ourselves, we’ve seen our favorite blogs turn into marketing machines and lose sight of their readers and original content. But as bloggers we also know that partnerships are necessary. While we haven’t figured all of it out, this has been our stance on partnerships: 1) We disclose all partnerships on the blog 2) We only pursue partnerships for things we have a genuine interest in, and that we believe our readers would too. If you’ve followed our blog, you would know that we champion all the things this city has to offer, including numerous free activities. And when we feature travel, we do the same. We won’t tell you something is good if it isn’t. Our partnerships simply help us bring you more of what we love.

One of the goals we outlined in our Year One review was to forge more friendships, and we’re happy to say that we did. We met up with readers and other bloggers as well as Instagram and Twitter buddies, and we’re proud to now count many of them as friends. We’d really love to do more of the same! So let us know if you’re passing through New York City and would like to grab a coffee. And a pastry. And maybe ice cream after. 😉

Moving forward

Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review
So are we where we should be at the end of Year Two? Maybe. Maybe not. We measure our success by how much fun we have, and we’re having a pretty good time. Someone asked us where we see our blog in five years and we happily responded that we have no idea. We change and grow as people every day, and we want our blog to do the same.

We’re going to keep sharing all the things we’re passionate about, even if some of those things aren’t popular. We’ll share art that made us think, activities that made us smile, and food that made us hungry for more. We’ll continue to write about things we love because that’s all we know how to do. And as always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unending support. Thank you for every time you’ve shared a post on Facebook, or emailed it to a friend. You’ve helped us turn our tiny corner of the internet into a home.

One of the biggest joys of working on this blog is the constant inspiration we receive from the people we meet. Other bloggers wow us with their content and other travelers motivate us to see more of the world. Accounts we follow show us amazing food pictures that give us ideas on where and what to eat. Readers share heartfelt experiences and remind us that we aren’t alone in this world. We love every comment you’ve left us on our blog and social media accounts. So please continue to tell us what you like about what we’re doing, and what you don’t. Tell us what you loved about 2017 and what you’re looking forward to in 2018. Tell us a joke. We always want to hear from you.

Besides leaving a comment below, here’s how you can reach us:
(And our latest obsession: Pinterest!)

Mad Hatters NYC Blog Year Two in Review

Here’s to living bigger, laughing louder and loving harder in 2018!

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– L. & J.

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Jason Barnette

Seems like you two had a great year! So many interesting stories and I’m enthralled with your collaborative efforts. I hope 2018 is more amazing, exciting, and fun!


You guys are so sweet. I love the candidness of this post. It ain’t all roses and idyllic Instagram posts, and it’s ok to say it! So glad to Twitter-know you!


Well done on surviving another year. I enjoy reading about the various areas of New York that we never got to experience. Look forward to reading more in 2018.


I’m so glad we got to meet you two this year! Blogging certainly isn’t easy but it is even harder to give up:) Cheers to another year of adventure!


Thanks for sharing your second year blogging thoughts. I like your view on doing this as long as you enjoy it. It means your posts continue to bring that sense of enjoyment. There is nothing worse than opening a post and you can’t even find the content for ads or to read a short trite post than brings nothing. I would tell a joke if I could. But instead will say Happy New Year. May you live a life that includes lots of interesting things to share.


Such an honest post you guys! I particularly liked your comments on what your struggles vs what the pros were.
Glad we got a chance to meet you❣️

Jess @usedyorkcity

So fun meeting you guys this year and congrats on year 2 of blogging!!!! One of the things I love most about blogging is having a visual diary of sorts to look back and see random NY moments and things I did several years ago that I otherwise would have forgotten.

For 2018 I made a list of 18 NYC things I’ve never done, and I’m looking forward to experiencing those and of course sharing via the blog:-)

Happy New Years, guys! Xo!


I appreciate all your honesty in your post as usual. I am going to start working on mine, I have to think hard about the lessons that came with 2017. I’ll tag you as soon as I am done.

J.C. Kemman

I really needed to read this right now! So glad and grateful to find reassuring words in the experience of like-minded people. Wish y’all the best, and a happy new year! I’ve got our own 1st anniversary to go work on now.

Emma Kries

You guys are great. keep making 2018 amazing!! I enjoy so much to read your blog
Happy and sweet new Year!!


I always admire your organization, timeliness, and writing, and this time’s no exception. Like so many people, it sounds like your’e trying to maintain sanity in an increasingly busy world, looking for that balance between being present on social media and being present in your life. It’s good hear about the struggle, and the rewards. Most all of it resonates. I look forward to your short trips – so much to see just within a hundred miles or so of the city. Do it while you don’t have little beings at home to watch, and enjoy! I hate regrets, but… Read more »


This is such a great post! I’m so glad to hear that you will be continuing your journey. I enjoy following along and definitely enjoy the travel posts. You bring a unique view that is needed in this space. 🙂 Happy 2018 to you both!


Great post 🙂

sara lago

I like your page I’ll be following

Cynthia |Adventuringwoman

First, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Rest in peace, Chloe. Second, I so appreciate this post. It rings very true. I also struggle with social media. I LOVE your solution to focus on quality, not quantity. Third–thanks for being so warm and supportive, as well as for all your supremely readable, smart and useful articles. Fourth, come out of the closet about Pinterest! There is no shame 🙂


Great to read about your journey! I love learning from other bloggers and their experiences! And what unique and stunning photography! <3


I’m still figuring out what my niche is–I’m just enjoying blogging at the moment about whatever I want–it’s nice to know that I could pivot a bit later, like you did! Thanks for sharing your reflections.