New York Fashion Week: Tommy x Gigi

Most kids remember getting up early to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons while they noshed on their breakfast cereal of choice, but I remember eagerly anticipating Sunday mornings at 10 am, which is when Fashion File would come on in Malaysia.  I’d plop myself in front of the TV and watch as models strutted the runway in Versace, Lacroix and Gaultier.  To say the industry has evolved since then is quite the understatement!  Fashion has become more accessible than ever, and now addicts like myself can easily live stream runway shows, refresh social media feeds, or check blogs that are being updated every few minutes during major events like New York Fashion Week.

Designers have already had to increase the number of shows and reduce their production cycles to keep up with fast fashion retailers, but this year designers have kicked it up several notches, with “see now, buy now” being the catchphrase.  While most New York Fashion Week events are still not open to the public, this direct-to-consumer approach has reverberated throughout.  There has been a move to be more inclusive: retailers, beauty brands and even hotel chains are getting in on the action and hosting fun New York Fashion Week events that anyone can attend.  

NYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYCNYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYCNYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYCNYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYC

NYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYC
The look on Justin’s face reads: “It’s hot as balls and I’m waiting for a fashion show to start. FML.”

We were fortunate to snag tickets to one of the biggest New York Fashion Week events: the Tommy x Gigi extravaganza at Pier 16 of South Street Seaport.  The event marked the launch of Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration with It Girl Gigi Hadid, and was celebrated with a carnival of rides, games and food that occupied the entire pier (labeled Tommy Pier, of course).  Though it was an incredibly humid summer evening, genuine excitement hung in the air.  Guests could ride a 40-foot ferris wheel, get a temporary tattoo or play arcade games while snacking on thick-cut fries, mozzarella sticks and ice cream sandwiches.  Strings of lights cast a beautiful glow on the pier while sweet tunes like Prince’s Raspberry Beret blared loudly on the speakers.  With views of the city and the East River, it felt like there was no better place one could be.

NYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYC

NYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYC
The cheekbones are real

NYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYCNYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYC

NYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYC
What you (hopefully) can’t see here: my dress is completely drenched in sweat. Is that chick in front of me really wearing an effin leather jacket??!!

It was a surreal experience for someone who grew up only dreaming of watching a runway show.  As the models (and Gigi Hadid herself!) walked by just inches away from where I was standing, I completely lost myself in the moment.  The nautical outfits were droolworthy (hello, fisherman sweater of my dreams!), and when the models took their final lap, it was great to see them have some fun, with Gigi Hadid high-fiving an audience member and Chanel Iman playfully air boxing.  Maybe it was the amusement park atmosphere, the great music, or the genuine adoration of not-yet-jaded non-industry guests, but it felt lighthearted and fun for all.  Despite all… the… sweat.

We hope you caught our post on Instagram and had the opportunity to visit the Tommy Pier when it was open to the public on Saturday, September 10.  The Tommy x Gigi capsule collection and the rest of Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall Collection is fully shoppable now at

Pair it with:

A visit to Seaport Smorgasburg

NYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYCNYFW TommyxGigi - Mad Hatters NYCSmorgasburg is a gastronomic event that warrants a post on its own, but the Cliff Notes version is this:  There was the Brooklyn Flea.  There were so many food vendors that they spinned off into Smorgasburg in 2011.  The local and regional food offerings were so amazing that Smorgasburg now draws crowds in the tens of thousands and it has been responsible for launching numerous new brick-and-mortar restaurants and independent businesses.  The Seaport outpost houses a handful of its success stories, including Home Frite, Landhaus, Lumpia Shack and Red Hook Lobster Pound (a few of which had booths on Tommy Pier).  Unlike the weekend markets, there is an indoor and outdoor bar (with actual seating!) and it’s open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, and drinks.

11 Fulton St

Smorgasburg Bar and Food:
Monday-Thursday 11am–10pm , Friday 11am–11pm, Saturday 10am–11pm, Sunday 11am–9pm

Outdoor Fulton St Bar:
Monday-Thursday 11am–9pm, Friday 11am–10pm, Saturday 10am–10pm, Sunday 12pm–7pm

– L.

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3 years ago

It is so cool hearing about the runway show that everyone can visit during Fashion Week. Loved hearing about Smorgasburg. Great that you listed all the hours. What a fun thing and great food is not something to take lightly unless you are eating a lot of it (ha ha). All this is good to know. Thank you MHNYC!!!