Three alpacas surrounded by several people at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

A Playdate with Alpacas at Faraway Farm

You may be wondering how it was, exactly, that we ended up at an alpaca farm on a hilltop in Westchester County, smack-dab in the historic Hudson Valley region of New York State. Well, we’d tell you, but we know you wouldn’t hear a word. Your eyes have likely already jumped to those cute alpaca faces. We get it, we really do.

About Faraway Farm

Alpacas grazing in the field with fall foliage in the background at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Antique tractor in front of a white barn at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Alpaca looking at the camera with people in the background at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Faraway Farm is an alpaca farm located just an hour away from Manhattan in Yorktown Heights, NY. They offer tours by appointment, and we wasted no time scheduling a visit. Perched upon a hilltop, Faraway Farm is the perfect vision of bucolic bliss. Think green pastures, an antique tractor and whitewashed fences. Your hosts and tour guides, Leda Blumberg and Steve Cole, own the farm and are on hand to welcome you the moment you arrive.

Leda’s parents purchased the land in 1951, when they escaped Brooklyn for a simpler life. But it wasn’t always an alpaca farm. That began nearly 12 years ago when Leda and Steve shifted the focus of the farm from sheep, chickens, cows, goats, and horses over to breeding and selling alpacas and fleece-related products. The prior sheep barn is now an office, farm store, and vet room. A remodeled horse barn now houses pregnant alpacas. A variety of services are also offered by the farm, including breeding, boarding, consultation, and photography. You can also host events here, one of our fellow guests was considering throwing her birthday party there. (Who wouldn’t want to be on that guest list?)

What to expect

Alpaca sitting at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Lynn petting an alpaca at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

The tour offers the opportunity for visitors to enter the pasture, walk amongst the alpacas, and to interact with them. Your initial reaction will be to run towards the animals (while squealing loudly), but Leda and Steve provide a thorough rundown of “alpaca etiquette” before letting the guests enter. This isn’t just for your safety, but also to keep the alpacas at ease. While you enjoy the company of the alpacas, Leda and Steve will provide you with interesting facts about alpacas, and share warm anecdotes from their experiences raising their animals. You won’t just learn about how long the gestation period for an alpaca is, you’ll also learn that Layla loves to kiss and that Zigi Stardust is the baby (born shortly after Bowie’s passing). The affection for each animal comes through in their stories. It’s one big, happy family here.

Some things to keep in mind:

When you reach the hilltop, park your vehicle at the first structure, prior to passing the farm store with the antique tractor parked in front. Though there are no clear indications of where to park, there’s room directly across from that first structure.

Faraway Farm is an active farm. What this means is this: it’s not a petting zoo, a carnival, or an amusement park. There are no officially listed operating hours and the farm is not open to the public. Tours are done year round, but strictly by appointment only. Groups are also limited in size so you get the most out of your visit. Contact Leda to schedule an appointment.

Alpaca sniffing Justin's shirt at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Alpaca kissing Lynn at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Pay attention to Leda and Steve’s tips and you’ll be rewarded. Rather than approach the animals, we let them come to us, then only pet them lightly on their neck when they allowed it. They made their rounds, even posing for photographs with a little baby!

Teddy bears made of alpaca fur at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Rach with multiple knit hats and stuffed animal alpaca wearing a knit hat at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Make sure to take advantage of the farm store. The alpaca yarn is tagged with the name of the animal it came from, so if you fall in love with one of the alpacas you meet, you can take a memento of him or her with you. The garments and textiles sold at the store are either handmade by local artisans or imported from Faraway Farm’s fair trade partners in Peru. You can also shop their beautiful (and soft!) hats, scarves, gloves, blankets and more online.

Icelandic Horse at Faraway Farm Alpacas in New York via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Besides the alpacas, Faraway Farm is also home to two Icelandic horses who you’ll get to meet. And as always, the drive to Westchester County offers scenic views.

“They’re a lot like cats,” Leda said. Like we really needed another reason to fall in love with alpacas.

Thank you to Faraway Farms for hosting us.

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14 thoughts on “A Playdate with Alpacas at Faraway Farm”

    1. LOL! Thanks so much, Tip! But I think you might have this one in reverse. I looooove that pic of Lynn getting a smooch. Her expression is pure, unbridled joy! I thought the alpacas were adorable, sure, but I had a healthy dose of skepticism when they approached me. That was my “Um, what are you going to do to me?” face. Lynn, on the other hand, was completely in her element. 😛

    1. Cynthia! Thanks for checking out our post. I’ll admit to a slight bit of uneasiness, as is customary for me when I’m around an unfamiliar animal. Completely unnecessary, though. They were super gentle and surprisingly congenial animals.

    1. Hi Robert! Thanks for checking out our post. Glad you enjoyed it. I don’t know about an alpaca farm being in our future, but additional visits are certainly not out of the question. 😉 Have to see those fuzzy faces in the snow, afterall. Thanks again for dropping us a line.

    1. That’s too funny, Tara! I think the alpaca steals the show 😉

      We never turn down a chance to play with cute animals, so this definitely ranks really high on our list of favorite day trips! You guys should check it out. The alpacas get super fluffy!

    1. Hahaha, thanks so much, Trudy! Justin usually isn’t great about taking pictures but that day he was suddenly in top form *insert eye roll here* I’m okay with it just because Layla is so darn cute in that pic!

      I actually loved the stuffed alpaca too! And those fluffy alpaca hair teddy bears! DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN.

  1. I think I mentioned this in a separate comment on my own blog, but that picture of Justin should seriously become a meme! LOlL

    Love this idea as a day excursion! Sometimes just being out in nature is all a body needs. We were out in Sleepy Hollow last weekend, and even though it wasn’t exactly “nature,” per se…it was refreshing to be out of the city! Though I suppose the horse of the headless horseman sorta counts as nature, right? 😉

    1. I could totally get on board with a meme competition for that pic! 😉

      You know, I’ve always found that there’s enough in the city to keep you busy for several lifetimes, but we made it a point this summer to venture outside the city and it’s been great! I’m one of those weirdos who misses the city if I’m gone too long, but day trips have been a happy medium. And there’s a ton of cool stuff around us!

      I actually LOVE The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but believe it or not, we still haven’t made it out there! I think part of me is afraid it’ll be a disappointment. I can’t wait to see what you thought!

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