The Chocolate Addict’s Guide to New York City

You don’t know what’s good and what’s bad until you try something better. Our first visits to France and Italy many, many moons ago taught us this lesson in spades. If you grew up in many parts of America before the tidal influx of imported chocolates and the explosion of craft chocolatiers, the only chocolate you may have known was Hershey’s. And Hershey’s, as it turns out, barely qualifies as chocolate. That’s not an exaggeration. In the US, the minimum cocoa solids that are required to constitute a milk chocolate instead of a what is ambiguously referred to as a “confection” is 10%, and Hershey’s is camped out right on that line. By comparison, Canada requires 15% and Europe 35%. Don’t you feel cheated?

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Death By Chocolate: A Visit to The Big Chocolate Show in New York City

In the earliest days of our relationship, food was common ground. And Lynn was far and away the more experienced gastronome. She turned me on to Malaysian cuisine. She explained that the Chinese food I had been eating–and genuinely liked–was, in fact, American food, promptly taking me out for the real thing. Lynn even gave me my first bites of sushi (or should I say “attempted” bites, as I struggled mightily with chopsticks back then). There was one food, however, that needed no cross-cultural exchange, clarification, or introduction: chocolate. When it came to chocolate, we were on the same footing from the start. It’s the foodie version of a universal language, after all.

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The Big Chocolate Show

Can’t get enough chocolate? Well, The Big Chocolate Show has you covered. Now in its second year, this chocolate-centric annual expo brings together over 50 exhibitors from Europe, North, and South America in an epic celebration of everyone’s favorite decadent treat.

From September 28th through Sunday, September 30th, meet chocolatiers, artisans, chefs, and experts from across the globe at The New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. Attend demonstrations by award-winning pastry chefs and chocolatiers. Enjoy guided tasting classes. Learn from experts about the chocolate making process. Join workshops to see how to roast, crack, grind, temper, mold and make amazing chocolates for yourself. Participate in The Big Chocolate Show’s FAVE awards and vote for your favorite brands, flavors, and textures.

Visit one of your favorite chocolatiers or discover a new love. Either way, it’ll be one sweet trip.

For additional information, such as tickets, event times and a list of exhibitors, check out The Big Chocolate Show’s site here.