Open House New York Weekend

Open House New York Weekend is an annual event in which doors are unlocked to some of New York’s most important buildings. The event provides extraordinary access to iconic sites, allowing participants to meet the people who design, build, and preserve New York. The focus is simple: to deepen the understanding and appreciation of architecture and urban design, while opening dialogue about planning, preservation, infrastructure, and contemporary design and how these issues will impact the future of New York.

Open House New York Weekend offers open access at certain sites (available to all, though some may have access restricted to specific timeframes), and limited access at others (by advance reservation only). Sites range from historical to contemporary and residential to industrial and count in the hundreds across all five boroughs.

Open House New York Weekend visits may include tours, talks, performances, and other special events throughout the weekend. Don’t miss your chance to explore the city in a whole new way.

The 2018 OHNY Weekend lineup will be released on September 18. Check dates, times, and participating locations, as well as make reservations for limited access sites (beginning September 25th), if necessary, here.

For a preview of the event, check out our posts from last year at Fulton Center, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, and Jefferson Market Library.

Two of the Best Museums in New York City Are In Astoria, Queens

When you think of museums in New York City, the usual Manhattan-centric suspects immediately come to mind: MoMA, The Gug, and The Met. If you’re a hardcore museum hound, two of our other favorites, The Whitney or The Frick, might dance their way onto your list. Or perhaps you have children, in which case you’ll think of The American Museum of Natural History, because you’ve seen Night at the Museum no less than a hundred times. Now, what if we told you that two of the best museums in New York City aren’t even located in Manhattan?

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