The Village Halloween Parade

The Village Halloween Parade is an annual street pageant and celebration in New York City. It takes place on Halloween night in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan (route provided below). The parade has been going on continuously for 46 years, and is akin to a mini Mardi Gras, which is why it is often referred to as “New York’s Carnival”.

If you’re curious about what to expect, think puppets, bands, dancers, and artists galore at the Village Halloween Parade. You’ll also see Basil Twist’s Zora, the iconic spider puppet and official mascot of the parade, hanging from the tower of Jefferson Market Library. And there’s no phoning it in by the participants at this incredible event. The creativity of fellow marchers–locals and visitors alike–is on full display, with the most intricate, creative, amazing homemade costumes you’ll find anywhere.

Pic of a Village Halloween Parade participant dressed as Van Gogh's 1889 self-portrait, courtesy of Village Halloween Parade

Though you may choose to enter the parade in the general public line-up (expect very long lines!), there are other parade access options, though they’ll cost you. For instance, each year the parade has a special theme and that theme has a section in the parade. Attendees can use this theme as inspiration for their costume designs and then join that special section on Halloween night. You can find a specific description of the special theme, ticket prices, and details about the accompanying rules and perks here. Another option to “skip the line” is to join the band section. For a small fee, of course. But how cool would that be?! You can find additional info for all participation options here.

NOTE: All proceeds from ticket sales go to support the parade, which only receives partial public funding.

So don’t miss out on this incredible, fun-filled evening. Get your creativity flowing and make a costume that will blow people’s minds! We’re sure to see you there.

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All photos courtesy of Village Halloween Parade.

-L. & J.

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