48 Hours in Philly: 7 Things To Do For The Perfect Winter Getaway

It’s mid-January. You no longer have any holiday parties to attend, the novelty of your Christmas gifts have worn off, and you’re facing the daunting task of tackling your New Year’s resolutions. Throw in a Bomb Cyclone for good measure, and you might find yourself in a pretty deep winter funk. While many scurry to warmer temperatures, we think you can embrace all the fun things winter has to offer with a simple change in scenery. And Philadelphia is the perfect getaway for that mid-winter refresh. If you went to Philly and only saw Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Betsy Ross House, then you’re missing out. Here are 7 things to do in Philly that will change the way you think of a snow day.

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Central Park Ice Festival

I used to live in Cleveland, and Cleveland in January is what one might call “peak winter”. The cold from the lake was brutal, and working downtown meant being directly subjected to lake effect snow and subzero windchill temperatures. Winters often lasted from November to April. New York City winters are mostly mild by comparison, which is likely the only reason why I would turn to Justin and say, “Let’s go to the Central Park Ice Festival! That sounds like fun!”

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