Tango Pop-up Art Exhibition at Chelsea Market

One of the fundamental differences separating humans from most of the animal kingdom is our innate ability to recognize basic patterns. We are endowed with the cognitive aptitude to learn through association, to differentiate and categorize, to see the world through a frame of reference unlike any other living creature, and this acumen informs what we think and say and do. And what differentiates “creatives” from the rest of our species is their exceptional ability to see the achingly simple or astoundingly complex patterns the rest of us are unable to distinguish. The Chinese artist, Gao Youjun (also known as Tango), who is famed for his clever illustrations on the social network, Weibo, is a perfect example of this subspecies.

Tango Pop-up - Mad Hatters NYC

Tango Pop-up - Mad Hatters NYC

Challenged by a friend to open a Weibo account and post one drawing each day, Tango has spent the better part of the last four years delivering illustrations to the masses with his distinct sense of humor and signature minimalist style. Currently, an eclectic collection of Tango’s work is on display in a pop-up exhibition at Chelsea Market. The artist’s ingenious use of lines and whimsical juxtaposition of negative and positive space make for a brief, albeit incredibly enjoyable, way to pass a Sunday afternoon. Besides the ability to sample a compilation of his work, the pop-up also gives you the opportunity to purchase some of Tango’s witty cartoons on a t-shirt, mouse pad or phone case — gifts that are bound to delight friends and family members alike.

Dream On, the Tango pop-up exhibition which is presented by Bennett Media Studio, will be on display through September 25.  Don’t miss it.  You can also find Tango on Instagram here.

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Lunch at Dizengoff

Dizengoff NYC - Mad Hatters NYC

Dizengoff NYC - Mad Hatters NYC

Whenever I visit Malaysia to see Lynn’s family, the first thing I want to know is where her father has been eating. He has a penchant for short, incredibly intense love affairs with food: a particular dish from a particular hawker made at a particular time at a particular stall; the cuisine of a nation or ethnicity; the culinary specialty of a particular region of the country. Whatever it is, I can be assured of two things: it will best you can find and he’s eaten a lot of it.

Lynn and I exhibit this same behavior, and our most recent obsession has been Israeli street food. So it was no surprise when we parked ourselves at the counter of Dizengoff, the Philadelphia-based hummus restaurant from chef Michael Solmonov and restaurateur Steve Cook. Boasting an 80% vegetarian menu and offering four types of smooth, creamy hummus, an array of pickled vegetables, marinated salads, and fresh, taboon-baked pita, you’ll come away happy and full, just as we did. For our carnivorous friends, Dizengoff also offers a rotating meat topping for the hummus plates, and from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m, they offer Shakshuka, the delicious taboon-baked skillet of eggs, tomatoes, chili peppers, onions and spices.

If you’re hankering for dessert afterwards, check out our food pairing on this post.

75 9th Ave

Daily 10 am – 7 pm

– J.

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