Exhibition of Akari paper lanterns at the Noguchi Museum in Astoria, Queens via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Two of the Best Museums in New York City Are In Astoria, Queens

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We’ve since written a much more comprehensive post on Astoria. Find information on these two museums and more in our neighborhood guide, Exploring Astoria: 12 Must-Visit Spots in This Cool NYC Neighborhood.

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Added to my todo list next time I’m in nyc in October. Been to the moving image museum, but not in ages.


I actually went to the Museum of the Moving Image for the first time a few days before my birthday…it was amazing! We went later on a Sunday and nobody was there, so it was perfect for playing with all of the interactive exhibits. My brother and I did pretty much all of the voice overs in the sound recording room! LOL

So my next question is…when are you guys moving to Astoria?? 😉


WOW! How little do I know about queens and I do not even go about reading about it. Your blog is truly informative.
The Noguchi Museum looks super cool. The paper lanterns and the garden make me want to go now.
The Museum of the Moving Image seems interesting. The part about The Princess Bride made me smile. Just this Friday, I was getting Ashwin to watch Princess Diaries. I fell a sleep mid way through. We are still to finish the rest.


I love the photos of the paper lanterns…I was tempted by them in the store at the Noguchi Museum. Funny, Joe had been wanting to take me there for years, but I didn’t get there ntil we’d moved far away, and were back in NY on vacation. It’s really a lovely place to spend an afternoon, but next time I’ve got to do Greek food afterwards! I’m glad you’re posting about Astoria – such an interesting place. 🙂

I am a hardcore museum hound, and you are adding to my very long list of museums I want to get to in NYC. The Noguchi Museum is especially fascinating, though I love a moving image as well. Very fond of Greek food, so good to know Astoria is ground zero for that. I hope you do dedicate a post to it! Baklava pancakes sound pretty darn awesome. Hopefully I’d still have room for a dossant.