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From Edgar Allen Poe to Aleppo: How To Have a Fun Weekend in Providence, RI

It’s no secret that we’re fans of the concrete jungle, but the lights don’t always have to be bright and the city doesn’t always have to be big. Providence, RI spans about 20 square miles, but it packs a lot of punch. The walkable city is home to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), one of the best art colleges in the country, as well as Brown University, an Ivy League school. Colleges don’t just offer lush greens and elegant buildings, they also promise an abundance of great bookstores and coffee shops. Providence’s legacy as one of the oldest US cities can be felt everywhere, and its homegrown talent contributes to the city’s rich public art landscape. Combine all that with a burgeoning culinary scene, and you’ve got a great travel destination. You don’t even need a lot of time. Here’s how to spend a weekend in Providence.

Where to Caffeinate in Providence

Dave’s Coffee

Coffee Milk Latte and pastry at Dave's Coffee in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Coffee Milk Latte

We tend to include coffee shop recommendations in our guides. Why? Because we often need it in the mornings and want it in the afternoons. And when we’re traveling, we love sampling the wares of local roasters and coffee shops. Dave’s Coffee is a hometown favorite, with an admirable selection of beans from their Narragansett-based roastery. Whether your preference is espresso or cold brew, you’ll find that the quality and variety here are top-notch. But there’s another reason to stop by Dave’s Coffee when you’re in Providence. It’s a fantastic place to try out one of Rhode Island’s specialties: Coffee Milk. Coffee Milk is Rhode Island’s answer to New York’s Egg Cream. Basically, it’s ice-cold milk mixed with a sweet coffee syrup. It’s a delicious beverage, and Dave’s Coffee makes an excellent version, using a syrup they make in-house.

Pro Tip: Snag a bottle of their Coffee Syrup to take home with you. It has myriad uses: as a meat glaze, to make a martini with a jolt, or with ice cream to make another local specialty, a Coffee Cabinet.

What to See and Do in Providence

Street Art, Murals and Other Public Art Installations

You know the phrase “You can’t throw a stone without hitting one”? In Providence, they’re probably referring to artists, because there are LOTS OF THEM.

[Just to be clear, please don’t throw stones at artists.]

RISD students and alumni make up a fair share of the artist population in Providence, but the city has also become a destination for established creators from around the world. RISD graduate Shepard Fairey returned to paint his 100th mural in 2019. The Avenue Concept funded and supported the creation of 170 public art installations. There is a core belief here that art should be accessible. The result? A free outdoor art gallery that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Here are a few we really enjoyed:

Still Here by Gaia

A large mural of an indigenous woman holding a portrait surrounded by tall buildings  in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

We became well-acquainted with the artist Gaia in his hometown of Baltimore, and we were thrilled to discover his stunning mural titled “Still Here” in Downtown Providence. Created in partnership with the Tomaquag Museum, the piece features a young indigenous woman holding the portrait of Princess Red Wing, the museum’s founder. The Tomaquag Museum works to bring indigenous voices and stories to the forefront, and the mural celebrates their mission.

Read more about Gaia and other street artists to know in our guide to the Best Street Art and Murals in Baltimore.

Misty Blue by Andrew Hem and Peeling Facade Mural by Jojan Bjurman/Painted Signs

Mural of a young Cambodian girl in the foreground with mural of a faux peeling facade of a building in the background  in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Hem is the son of Cambodian refugees, and his mural “Misty Blue” features a young girl he met in Cambodia. His artwork often conveys a childlike innocence, and this special mural has the same guileless quality. If you happen to find yourself there admiring his work, don’t miss one of our favorite uses of trompe l’oeil behind it. The Hanley Building Peeling Facade Mural was originally painted in 1987 by Jojan Bjurman. It creates the illusion of windows, cornices and other architectural elements, but the lower right corner hints that the facade may be…temporary. The unforgettable piece of street art was restored in 2017 with the help of sign and mural company Painted Signs.

Seen/Unseen by Mary Beth Meehan

Large portrait of a gentleman in a white shirt on a brick building in downtown  in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

While we were strolling along in downtown Providence, we also “met” a few locals through Mary Beth Meehan’s portrait project called Seen/Unseen. It debuted at the Providence International Arts Festival in 2015. As the name suggests, the art installation features some of the city’s less prominent members and seeks to open a dialogue about race and cultural equity.

Street art is often ephemeral by nature, but we also noticed that murals, sculptures and other art installations seem to hang around a lot longer here. Again, it speaks to the inherent respect and appreciation the community has for the works that beautify their surroundings.

WaterFire by Barnaby Evans [seasonal]

Bonfires on the river with a man paddling a boat in Providence, RI courtesy of GoProvidence
Image courtesy of GoProvidence

WaterFire is one of Providence’s premier public art installations that draws almost a million visitors each year. On select evenings from May through November, the city is illuminated by one hundred bonfires aloft on the three rivers of downtown Providence. The award-winning sculpture by Barnaby Evans is accompanied by music, but events often include additional special performances. If you’re planning on attending, check the schedule to get the most out of the popular event.

Pro Tip: If you want to enjoy WaterFire in a more intimate setting, make a reservation at Hemenway’s, an elegant, centrally located restaurant serving upscale fresh seafood. It offers a prime viewing spot for the festivities. Be sure to try their Rhode Island Calamari, the state’s official appetizer.

Providence Athenaeum

Central area of the Providence Athenaeum library with book-filled shelves around in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

In case you couldn’t tell from our Ultimate Book Lover’s Guide to New York City, we really, really like books. And when we travel, we’re naturally drawn to libraries and bookstores too. Losing ourselves among volumes of the written word is one of the fastest ways to feel at home. And you couldn’t ask for a more perfect sanctum than the Providence Athenaeum.

The library’s 1838 elegant Greek Revival home was crowned the most well-designed building in Rhode Island by Architectural Digest. A fountain outside carved with the words “Come here everyone that thirsteth” invites you to the bounty of literature that lies within. The Ath–as it’s affectionately known–has notable associations with Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, but its storied history goes way beyond its famous visitors. Take the self-guided Raven Tour, which acquaints you with the space and its past. Then claim your spot in the Reading Room downstairs. Just don’t get too comfortable, or you may never want to leave.

Roger Williams statue overlooking the downtown skyline and fall foliage in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Pro Tip: While you’re visiting the beautiful College Hill area, be sure to make a stop at Prospect Terrace Park, where you’ll find a statue of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams. As local lore tells it, an apple tree root invaded Roger Williams’s casket in his original resting place and partially “ate” his remains. What was left was disinterred and moved beneath this monument. Whether you believe you’re in Williams’s company or not, it’s a beautiful spot to take in the Providence skyline.

RISD Museum

Colorful wallpaper at a RISD Museum exhibition in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
An exhibit featuring Historic Rhode Island Decor by Pablo Bronstein

The RISD Museum is almost 150 years old, which is reflected in its vast collection spanning a variety of regions and periods. But being connected to such a prestigious art school gives the RISD Museum a unique perspective. Its adamant support for creators and its thoughtful delivery makes art feel more inclusive. Events and exhibits are plentiful, so you never know what you’ll find on your visit. Allow yourself to be surprised, and you’ll likely discover something new. Feeling a stroke of creativity? There are lots of workshops too. You may find yourself learning about an artist, art in general, or yourself. The opportunities are endless. 

Pro Tip: Another reason to visit the RISD Museum during your weekend in Providence? Admission to the museum is free on Sundays.

The Arcade

Corridor of the Providence Arcade with overhead skylights and detailed balcony in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Downtown Providence is a fun blend of old and new, thanks to the city’s amazing preservation efforts. One of the historic buildings that continues to keep a piece of Providence’s past in its present is the Arcade. Built in 1828, the Arcade is the country’s oldest indoor shopping mall and a National Historic Landmark. Stepping inside the beautiful structure, one can easily imagine a time when ladies in their Sunday Finest would drop by to pick up roses from the florist.

The Arcade now includes a mix of restaurants and retail, and many of its occupants have unique personalities befitting the space. There’s New Harvest Coffee and Spirits, a coffee shop that transforms into a whiskey bar at night. And there’s Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council, the self-proclaimed “headquarters for fans of H.P. Lovecraft and related weird fiction and art.” If being at the Arcade gives you a new appreciation for years gone by, visit one of the many vintage stores for a piece of the past to call your own. And unlike the shopping malls of today, you won’t need a full day to explore it.

Where to Eat in Providence

Blount Clam Shack

Lobster roll, onion rings, hush puppies and Rhode Island clam chowder at Blount Clam Shack in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Rhode Island isn’t actually an island, but it is an oceanfront state. Fresh seafood is abundant and a key ingredient in many of the state specialties. Options are particularly plentiful during the summer, when tourists flock to the state’s beautiful coastal areas. But regardless of when you’re visiting, you can get amazing seafood at Blount Clam Shack. Blount is the largest producer of clam chowder in New England and the largest manufacturer of lobster bisque in the country, so you know you’re in good hands. During the summer, Blount Clam Shack has two outdoor locations on the waterfront and in Crescent Park. But if you’re visiting off-season, visit them at their market in Warren. If you’re as obsessed with lobster rolls as we are, the Giant Lobster Roll is a steal.

Aleppo Sweets

Interior of Aleppo Sweets restaurant with blue walls and iron lanterns above in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
Pastry case filled with varieties of baklava at Aleppo Sweets restaurant in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Serendipity is our favorite part of any trip, and Aleppo Sweets was the happy accident we experienced during our visit to Providence. We were in Fox Point to visit a donut shop. Patting ourselves on our savvy backs, we’d ordered ahead from the popular spot. But when we stepped up to the counter to pick up our haul, we realized immediately that we’d way over-ordered. (Ordering six of anything always seems more reasonable online than in person.) Then we sampled the goods, and it just wasn’t to our taste.

Dejected, we returned to our parking space nearby and noticed a menu board outside of a cafe. Aleppo Sweets was just opening as we ventured inside. We found a charming, teal-colored space decorated with copper tea pots, mirrors, and lanterns. The first thing we noticed was the heavenly smell of Turkish-style coffee. The second was the prominent case holding an array of baklava perched on the bar.

Aleppo Sweets is a owner-operator collaboration between the Akhtarini family, immigrants from Syria who fled the civil war there, and Sandy Martin, a volunteer with the resettlement agency that had assisted them. The result is a charming cafe serving traditional Syrian food, which was listed as one of Bon Appetit’s 50 best new restaurants in the country in 2019.

What followed for us was three separate visits to the cafe: once for dinner and twice for the amazing Turkish-style coffee (with a pinch of cardamom and a dash of sugar) and the heavenly baklava, which obtains its balanced sweetness through sugar as opposed to honey.


Interior of Ellie's restaurant with chalkboard menu and pastry case in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

There are some places that evoke a feeling, and Ellie’s feels like a warm embrace. We have a nose for pastries–particularly those of the French variety–and that’s what brought us here. With our faces almost pressed against the pastry case, we picked out cannelés and bouchons to enjoy with our coffee. But the quaint, cozy space is also a popular brunch destination, serving excellent light fare in addition to the delectable pastries and artisan cakes. Many ingredients are sourced locally from farmers, growers, artisans and purveyors around Southern New England. Inspired by a trip to Paris, the food and decor at Ellie’s has a decidedly French touch. Case in point: pommes frites are served with your choice duck gravy, truffle ketchup or garlic aioli. We’re drooling just at the thought of it. 

Knead Doughnuts

Interior of Knead Doughnuts featuring patterned mural overhead and glass case with a variety of donuts in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

Doughnuts or “donuts”, thanks to the Americanized spelling popularized by Dunkin’, are one of our favorite guilty pleasures. And the rise of gourmet or craft varieties over the years has elevated the staple breakfast dessert to another level entirely. But there’s good and bad that comes from the elevation of anything. For doughnuts, the good has been a fresh take on flavors and textures. The bad has been, in certain cases, exorbitant pricing and overly complicated presentations. Knead Doughnuts falls squarely (or circularly) in the good camp. We were pleased to find a wide, though not excessive, variety of extremely tasty doughnuts. Whether you go with yeast or cake, their subtle, balanced and intriguing flavors mean you pretty much can’t go wrong. There’s even flour-free and vegan options, should you be so inclined.

DePetrillo’s Pizza and Bakery

Justin sampling a Pizza Strip in DePetrillo's Pizza and Bakery in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog

To be honest, our first reaction to the notion of Pizza Strips was a healthy dose of skepticism. Pizza Strips are thick, porous focaccia-like slices of bread topped generously with a reduction-thickened, jam-like tomato sauce, flecked (in some cases) with parmesan cheese and served (gasp!) at room temperature. We prefer our pies fresh out of a coal-fired oven, and as a general rule, eschew takeout completely. But we’re happy to admit and report that Providence schooled us on the finer points of the state’s beloved delicacies. 

Rhode Island Pizza Strips are ubiquitous, but only in Rhode Island. You can find them nearly everywhere, from grocery stores to convenience stores, and–we’ve heard it told–even gas stations. There are, however, a few names in the game that are bandied about as offering excellent versions of the affordable snack (or meal, if you like–we don’t judge). 

DePetrillo’s Pizza and Bakery is one of those names. It’s a fairly unassuming, no-frills, busy little bakery. And, in our case, it was a bit out of our way. But here’s the bottom line: we really enjoyed pizza strips during our visit to Providence, they’re definitely worth trying out, and DePetrillo’s makes, among other things, some pretty darned tasty ones.

Where to Stay in Providence

Disclosure: Booking through these links could result in a commission paid to Mad Hatters NYC at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

The Dean

Red pixelated Octopus Song Mural by Sam O White on the exterior wall of The Dean Hotel in Providence, RI via Mad Hatters NYC Blog
A well-lit suite at The Dean Hotel with two beds covered in crisp white linens and a chair in Providence, RI courtesy of GoProvidence
Image courtesy of GoProvidence

There are so many considerations when you choose a place to stay, but for a weekend in Providence, location is usually top of mind. Located in the heart of Downtown Providence, The Dean checks off that box and so much more. The Octopus Song mural by Sam O White outside the Boombox Karaoke Lounge greets you on your entrance and exit. Bolt Coffee is located right in the lobby to fuel you up. The artwork is local, and the design is thoughtful. There’s a stylish simplicity to The Dean.

Graduate Providence

Ornate lobby with decorated ceiling and crystal chandelier at Graduate Hotel in Providence, RI courtesy of GoProvidence
Image courtesy of GoProvidence

Offering a similar convenient location in Downtown Providence, Graduate Providence is the opposite of simple. It was previously the historic Providence Biltmore, but the 2019 redesign breathed new color and life into the space. The uber-trendy Poindexter Cafe is the only on-site dining option, but the great location means you can step outside and find numerous alternatives. The antiquated heating and cooling system could be finicky, but if you’re looking to experience a piece of Providence history, then this is a great option.


When we plan a visit to a city, any city, we generally know what we’re in for. Why? Because we’ve done the planning and have a pretty clear idea of what we’re going to see, do and eat. What we don’t know is whether we’ll like a city’s vibe, and invariably, each has its own. Nor do we know if a city will meet or exceed the often lofty expectations that build up over the planning phase. The outcome generally falls into three categories: Never Again, Once Is Enough, or Can’t Wait To Go Back. Our weekend in Providence was an absolutely pleasant surprise, and we can’t wait to go back.

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  1. Hello, Justin and Lynn. For some reason, I haven’t been receiving notification of your posts. So good to be “reconnected” and being able to enjoy your travels and discoveries. This was really good. Providence looks like a interesting place to visit. This also reminds me to be sure and keep our eyes wide open when we go someplace new. Looking forward to your next post. Take care….Tip and JAM

    1. It’s so great to hear from you, Tip and JAM! With your curious minds, I have no doubt the two of you would enjoy Providence. The abundance of art and history would enthrall you!

      Thanks so much for reconnecting 🙂

  2. Great post. The street art and water fire are amazing. Your photography has always been good but now it’s turning outright full-blown fabulous. I can’t remember much of my visit to town 25y ago on the way from NYC to Boston but it certainly looks like a place to return to now.

    1. Aw, thank you so much for the kind words, Stefan! I still have much to learn in photography, but I think finding the right subjects helps tremendously 😉

      I’m so thrilled this article might inspire a return visit to Providence! I have no doubt it’ll leave a more permanent impression this time around.

    1. Coffee shops are one of the first things Justin researches every time 😉 I think besides just needing a fix, we’ve always enjoyed that coffee shop vibe. It’s fun finding places everywhere we go! And the street art in Providence is off the charts, we honestly couldn’t do all of it justice. Thanks so much for stopping by, Wendy!

  3. I have to agree with Stefan. In fact your food photography skills are getting TOO good; I tried sinking my face into the lobster roll and that amazing plate of baklava, only to hit a hard, cold screen! The former Biltmore hotel is right up my alley, I would love to stay there. Looks like a visit to Providence needs to go on the list!

    1. Honestly, Cynthia, I’ve been tempted to lick the screen a few times myself! That lobster roll has been the subject of many a daydream ever since we got back from Providence. And quite frankly, I would move into Aleppo Sweets if I could 😉 I think you’d find plenty of things to strike your fancy in Providence, so I hope you make it there soon!

  4. Providence and in fact Rhode Island is a spot we have not yet visited. I love that you start with coffee. David always has a long list of coffee shops for every city we visit. I would definitely want to try Coffee Milk. You now we would be on the lookout for street art too. Love the colourful pieces. The Prospect Terrace Park looks like a great spot for a break. And for a view! We love our fresh seafood so it looks like we would have some great choices. All great reasons to send us to Providence. I can see why you can’t wait to go back.

    1. Thanks, Linda! Prospect Terrace Park was such a find, and I’m sure sunsets there are striking. Providence really has something for everyone, so I’m sure you’d find lots of things to keep you (and your camera!) busy — which is always a fun surprise on a quick getaway. We’re definitely looking forward exploring more of the city!

  5. What a well written post Lynn. The street arts and waterfire is beautiful and I can see why you want to visit this place again. I love the fact that you included the coffee shops and where to eat (for foodies like us, it’s what we look forward to when traveling..haha).

    1. Justin and I often start our trip planning with where to eat, so we can totally relate, Jane! 😉 Providence really has so much packed into a small town, and we could easily fill multiple weekend getaways with things to do around the city. It’s always fun to realize you have somewhere nearby you can pop over to when you need a quick escape. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. You’re making Providence look amazing! Now I’m adding to my list – been to Newport before, but never Providence. Love that you have recs here for all interests!

    1. Thanks, Jackie, that’s the nicest compliment we could wish for! We always want to do a place justice, and Providence really is a gem. It’s definitely the kind of place we see ourselves popping into over and over again 🙂

  7. Okay, I’m sold! Love the public art, the buildings and the food. What a happy accident coming across Aleppo Sweets! I’ll take your word for pizza strips as I’m a bit sceptical, but they clearly have to be sampled. And clam chowder is my favourite so Providence just has to be put on the agenda Enjoyed reading all about it – thank you!

    1. Clam chowder is a religion in New England, and Rhode Island actually has its own kind (clear broth instead of cream-based)! And we totally hear you on the pizza strips, Jane. We definitely had some reservations ourselves. But all in all, we had a great time exploring the regional cuisine and we’re sure you would too 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by!

  8. Providence does look quite the place. Your street art finds are incredible and that food, delicious. Ellie’s pastries would be the perfect for me too. Yet another town to add to my long long list.

    1. We’re huge fans of weekend escapes (a necessary salve for those of us with limited time and/or funds!) and we’re always excited to discover great weekend destinations like Providence. I think you’d much enjoy it here, John!

  9. I am a big fan of murals and I think you found beautiful there, and I would definitely love to see the WaterFire, surely dinner and the view are worth it. I had no idea it was such a nice place,
    The Doughnuts and sweets seem the plus for an amazing place!

    1. Thank you so much, Ferny! There was really great art all around, Providence is such a wonderful place for mural lovers 🙂 And I agree, the doughnuts were a wonderful bonus find!

  10. This is another awesome post.
    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to.

    Ashwin and I always stop at Providence only on our way to somewhere or back home from somewhere.
    Your post is gonna make it super easy to hit the right spots when we go—
    RISDI of course.
    Didn’t know about the waterier art installation. Looks amazing.
    Your bit about finding Aleppo Sweets was the best. 🙂
    It seems like that’s where we are gonna stop the next time we are driving through.

    1. I’m so thrilled to hear that, Tara! I definitely look forward to more visits to the city, it really has so much to offer as a travel destination. And I’m always happy to give places like Aleppo Sweets love 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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